Webinar: Influencer Marketing

Have Ambassadors become a more sustainable option for brands amidst a global pandemic?

Tuesday, 22 September,
2.00pm-3.00pm BTS
Online webinar

About this Event

The ever-changing and tumultuous landscape of Influencer Marketing has always been one under the microscope – now more than ever. With marketing budgets being slashed in effort to ensure ROI at a time where future consumer behaviour is impossible to predict due to ongoing pandemic implications, the question of whether Influencer Marketing still a viable option for businesses in the current climate looms. As active Ambassadors are increasingly recognised for their value in generating conversation and conversions, we ask whether use of genuine brand advocates is the way forward over that of ‘vanity metrics’ driven Influencer campaigns.

Agency A has invited David Wing (Founder of Wing Digital) and Anne Dolinschek (Founder of Nfluential) to discuss the current state of Influencer Marketing, how ‘value’ can be measured across different verticals and what is the best way to use Influencer Marketing for brands, from start-up to global, to implement their own strategy for the future.

This will be an interactive session where attendees will be encouraged to participate. Join us on the 22nd September at 2pm – attendance subject to capacity to sign up for your chance to get involved!


2.00pm Welcome and introduction

2.15pm Firechat discussing the current state of Influencer Marketing, how ‘value’ can measured across different verticals and how best for brands, from start-up to global, to implement their own strategy for the future, with

David Wing (Founder of Wing Digital)

Anne Dolinschek (Founder of Nfluential)

2.45pm Q&A

3.00pm End of programme



Anne Dolinschek

Anne heads up a strategic agency in South Africa that focuses on influencer marketing. She’s excited to see the role of ambassadors evolve in the industry.





David Wing

David the founder of Wing Digital Marketing, a b2b marketing and thought leadership strategic consultancy that positions brands/businesses and their c-suite as industry experts.



Jonathan Robson

Jono, a Senior Account Manager at Agency A, oversaw the growth of the Companies’ Influencer Marketing department. He supports the team and clients with education on, and implementation of, strategic ambassador campaigns and champions authenticity throughout all activity.





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