Goodbye from FBCC Spring 2020 Trainee Lotta

I cannot believe it’s almost July already. It’s summer now, even in Helsinki! Today is also my last day at the FBCC and I would like to share some of my thoughts with all of you members and friends of the FBCC.

Six months ago, I travelled to London and didn’t really know what to expect. However, I was extremely excited to work at the FBCC. Although, the past spring had a lot of surprises to all of us and my internship was not exactly how I imagined it to be, I can say that I have learnt and experienced so much during my time at the FBCC.

I set a few goals in the beginning of my internship. I wished to develop my networking skills and to learn more about event management and I think I have accomplished both of those goals. In addition, as I have studied international business, I was interested in to see what Nordic companies have expanded their business to the UK market and how do these companies operate in a foreign market. I think after working at the FBCC, I have really seen how Nordic companies internationalise to the competitive UK market. All in all, after this internship, I have grown as a young professional and I know I will benefit from these skills in my future career.

I got to experience so many great things during my internship. First of all working in the small and vibrant team FBCC gave me so many opportunities. I have created marketing campaigns, done bookkeeping, organised and participated in a variety of events and set up the first ever webinars for the FBCC. Second, I got from the frontline see how companies adapt during a global crisis like COVID-19. Although, the situation was not pleasant for anyone of us, for me it gave a great opportunity to learn about adapting to new and uncertain situations.

I would like to express my warmest thanks to the FBCC members I met, the FBCC board and last but not least to my colleagues Emma and Anna. I would like to thank Emma for being a reliable general manager who both trusts and supports her trainees. In addition, I would like to thank Anna for being my positive and uplifting colleague through out the internship.

In the autumn, I will continue studying management and international business at Aalto University. However, I wish to return to London sooner or later and meet you at FBCC events. I would like to wish a lovely summer and upcoming autumn to all of you. I know we have some exciting times ahead!

If you would like to keep in touch, please connect with me on LinkedIn and feel free to leave a message.

Goodbye from FBCC Spring 2020 trainee Anna

Hi everyone!

My time as a Marketing and Events Coordinator at the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce is coming to an end. These five months flew past surprisingly quickly and now, new challenges await. I will continue my studies at Tampere University and continue to develop professionally. Before I go, I would like to reflect on my experiences at the chamber and share my thoughts.

My goals in the beginning of this traineeship were to learn more about marketing and to develop as a networker. Despite the current situation, restrictions, social distancing requirements and me travelling back to Finland, I believe, that I’ve met my goals and gained much more. I gained so much valuable experience in digital marketing and management of both live and online events. I learned bookkeeping and to use various software. Due to the restrictions on live events and remote working I got the chance to develop my independent working skills and to learn to adapt quickly to ever changing situations. Most importantly, however, I developed my communication skills and became more confident in networking and meeting new people during this traineeship.

This has truly been a life altering experience. Relocating to beautiful London and working in the dynamic and incredibly energetic environment gave me a new level of confidence in myself and my abilities.

Working in a small team presented me with the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge in a short period of time. I was always certain, that I could count on our team for help, even when we were miles apart from each other, in quarantine and in different cities.

I would like to genuinely thank all members and friends of the FBCC for making my time in London but also online so exciting and unforgettable.  Hopefully we will meet again at FBCC’s events in the future, as I am planning to visit London as soon as everything will get back to normal!

I would like to warmly thank our general manager Emma and my amazing colleague Lotta for being part of this journey. My experience wouldn’t have been the same without both of you. Emma showed trust in our abilities right from the start, gave us individual responsibilities, offered her help in any situation and has been a great friend. My fellow trainee Lotta has been a fantastic co-worker. I am extremely happy to know her not just as a colleague, but also as a friend. In addition, I would like to thank our board members for their help and support.

Now it’s time to enjoy our summer vocation and welcome new trainees in the Autumn 2020! I am positive, that they will do a great job and have an amazing time.

I am sure we will meet again and, in the meantime, if you would like to keep in touch, please connect with me on LinkedIn!

FBCC Patron Goodwille is recruiting!

FBCC patron Goodwille is looking for an Office Assistant who thrives on providing great customer service to join our Front of House team in Warwick. Within your role you will be responsible for:

  • Meeting & Greeting visitors
  • Telephone answering
  • Post handling
  • Meeting room bookings
  • Order handling & Sales support
  • Supporting both internal and external clients with administrative tasks
  • Working with onboarding new clients
  • Liaising with suppliers
  • Supporting other departments & building tenants with ad hoc requests

The applicant must be computer literate, have a strong understanding of the Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word & Excel) and experience working within a busy administration/reception role. We work with clients from all over the world, so experience working in an international environment would be a bonus.

Handling incoming calls will be an important part of your job and you should be passionate about providing great customer service, both on & off the phone, as well as being able to work independently to ensure the smooth running of the reception area. In joining us, you will become part of a modern, forward-thinking and inclusive organisation, capable of offering a stimulating environment for you to work in.

Goodwille is a forward-thinking, ambitious company dedicated to providing foreign businesses with the kind of professional services required to establish themselves and flourish in the UK. These include Corporate Legal, Finance, People Management, Payroll & Virtual Office services.

Read more about the position here!

Member offer from F-Secure

Our Patron member F-Secure has an offer for all our members:

In recent years, remote working has become a regular treat for millions of employees, and a means to redress work / life balance. Over the last few weeks and months, this switch to remote work has accelerated at breakneck pace and across vast swathes of the workforce. The difference, however, is that the impetus has been a worldwide societal crisis, not cultural change.

F-Secure’s users and customers are doing things differently, often under duress and with all kinds of resource challenges, and we can’t do a good job if we don’t adapt to conform to their changes, too. One result of this is that a plan we’ve been working on for a while, has just been accelerated into production.

F-Secure has introduced Countercept Rapid, an essential version of their award winning 24/7 Managed Detection and Response service.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Quick deployment – up and running within a week.
  • Billed after the third month, pay (and renew) monthly after that.

F-Secures existing MDR service is usually provided via contracts of a year or more; it’s comprehensive and exhaustive, tailored to your organisational needs and it works exceptionally well. But not every organization wants to make a long-term financial commitment, nor do they need every single capability we provide over the short term.

Over the last few years we’ve seen the practice of business change dramatically; we’re seeing another seismic shift now. We must – and have – moved with the times. Countercept MDR isn’t going anywhere, but if you need to quickly build a relationship with F-Secure with something more flexible, a simpler service with the same quality and expertise you’d expect from them, then Countercept Rapid it is. Given more time, you can also move to a more tailored, long term contract if you want to commit to a longer term relationship – and if you need access to extra capabilities.

Click here for further information.


What Happens After Recovering from COVID-19? One Individual’s Data Story

The FBCC member Firstbeat has provided a unique insight into life after COVID-19 for one individual.

This individual, a 47-year-old man from London, contracted coronavirus in March. He was never admitted to hospital but was wiped out for well over a week and endured difficulty breathing, aches and pains, fever, and exhaustion. Thankfully, he made a full recovery and had returned to his normal routine when he took part in a Firstbeat measurement roughly one month on from the illnessThis measurement involves recording physiological reactions over a three-day period using heart rate variability to provide insights into everything from sleep and recovery, to exercise and stress.

The individual’s typical routine included a return to physical activity and working life. A combination that would usually leave him feeling energized. However, the results from his three-day measurement revealed that, although he had recovered from COVID-19, the knock-on effects of the respiratory illness appeared to be impacting his ability to recover effectively from even the most moderate of exercise.

For a man of his age, the typical stress and recovery balance score seen in a Firstbeat measurement report is 53 out of 100.  And the average ‘restorative effect of sleep’ score comes in at 57. This individual’s scores were 9 and 22 out of 100, respectively.

On Day 1 of the Assessment, despite only 13 minutes of vigorous physical activityand racking up almost eight hours of sleep, the individual experienced no daytime recovery and only minimal recovery overnight.

Day 3 was a similar story. Even though the individual noted in their diary some specific periods of ‘relaxation’ their body once again was unable to react affectively to balance the physiological stress brought on by periods of work and moderate exercise.

Although these results are only one person’s experience of life after recovering from COVID-19, it is interesting to note the apparent extended impact the illness had on this individual’s ability to recover. At least suggesting that a patient and slow approach to ramping up a return to normal life – and specifically exercise – if you have suffered from coronavirus may be the best and most sensible approach.

Read full article here.

“Podinar” with Marks & Clerk: Protecting Your Brand during the Lockdown 

Are brands important during the time of COVID-19? How should you protect your brand during these times? Does the lockdown bring any opportunities?

In our first ever “podinar”, Simon Portman and Michael Barret of Marks & Clerk and the general manager of the FBCC, Emma Jalonen, will discuss the current situation and what kind of difficulties and opportunities the lockdown has brought. Simon and Michael, as intellectual property experts, will also tell you how you can protect your brand during these times.


Simon PortmanSimon Portman specialises as a commercial contract lawyer for technology companies. He works for clients in the electronics, bioscience,  defence, software, nanotech and creative industries, advising companies ranging from small start-ups to big multinationals as well as individuals, public bodies and charities. You can read more here.



Michael BarrettMichael Barrett is dual-qualified as a Chartered (UK) and European Trade Mark Attorney and as a solicitor. He advises brand owners on all aspects of trade mark protection and registration, including portfolio management, clearance searching, trade mark prosecution, opposition, cancellation, revocation, licensing, assignment, infringement and the law of unregistered trade marks/passing-off. You can read more here.


About Marks & Clerk:

FBCC member Marks & Clerk has long been recognised as one of the leading intellectual property firms across the globe, with eight offices across the UK and a further nine in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific. 

Finnmark turns a box van into sauna

FBCC member Finnmark Ltd has launched a wood-burning sauna using a box van from Ifor Williams Trailers. The box van sauna was featured in the Northern Echo newspaper. Read the whole article here!

The box van sauna is new, purpose-built mobile sauna, which has a dimmable LED-lit back rest. The sauna will be parked up at idyllic tourist spots including the Lake District and at endurance events, cycle races and triathlons once lockdown restrictions lift.

Jake and Max Newport of Finnmark ltd consulted distributors Alan Tuer Trailers in Carlisle to find the perfect box van model to their project – the BV127. Finnmark ltd used western red cedar wood from Canada during construction, to keep weight to a minimum. Ifor Williams Trailers was chosen as the brands share the same values of quality and durability.

Finnmark Ltd is so pleased with its box van sauna it could lead to a new product range for leisure companies or private hire.

Finnmark Ltd is known in the industry for their uncompromising dedication to quality and authenticity when it comes to the sale of sauna equipment and bespoke installations. The growing company, which was founded in 2016, is based in County Durham’s Enterprise City.

Goodwille and Nordic Startup Awards strengthening their partnership in 2020

Following two successful years of working together, our Patron member Goodwille and Nordic Startup Awards are have renewed their strategic partnership for the 8th season of Nordic Startup Awards.

This year, the two will deepen their partnership, with Goodwille taking ownership of the “Best Founder of the Year” category as well as hosting webinars for startups around themes of expansion to the UK, scaling a UK team and fundraising in the UK.

The Nordic edition of the Global Startup Awards, the world’s largest independent startup ecosystem competition, is a series of events in the Nordic countries with the mission to recognise and celebrate the startup talent in the region.
Goodwille, whose roots are firmly tied to the Nordic countries have helped hundreds of tech businesses, including regional and national finalists of the Nordic Startup Awards, enter the UK market.

James Service, Marketing Manager of Goodwille said: “We’ve been working with startups for over two decades, so this partnership is a great opportunity for us to celebrate and recognise the top talent in the Nordic startup ecosystem. We are excited to take the next step in our long-standing partnership with new activities and category ownership this year.”

Read full blog post here.

Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce

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