Goodbye from FBCC Spring 2020 trainee Anna

Hi everyone!

My time as a Marketing and Events Coordinator at the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce is coming to an end. These five months flew past surprisingly quickly and now, new challenges await. I will continue my studies at Tampere University and continue to develop professionally. Before I go, I would like to reflect on my experiences at the chamber and share my thoughts.

My goals in the beginning of this traineeship were to learn more about marketing and to develop as a networker. Despite the current situation, restrictions, social distancing requirements and me travelling back to Finland, I believe, that I’ve met my goals and gained much more. I gained so much valuable experience in digital marketing and management of both live and online events. I learned bookkeeping and to use various software. Due to the restrictions on live events and remote working I got the chance to develop my independent working skills and to learn to adapt quickly to ever changing situations. Most importantly, however, I developed my communication skills and became more confident in networking and meeting new people during this traineeship.

This has truly been a life altering experience. Relocating to beautiful London and working in the dynamic and incredibly energetic environment gave me a new level of confidence in myself and my abilities.

Working in a small team presented me with the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge in a short period of time. I was always certain, that I could count on our team for help, even when we were miles apart from each other, in quarantine and in different cities.

I would like to genuinely thank all members and friends of the FBCC for making my time in London but also online so exciting and unforgettable.  Hopefully we will meet again at FBCC’s events in the future, as I am planning to visit London as soon as everything will get back to normal!

I would like to warmly thank our general manager Emma and my amazing colleague Lotta for being part of this journey. My experience wouldn’t have been the same without both of you. Emma showed trust in our abilities right from the start, gave us individual responsibilities, offered her help in any situation and has been a great friend. My fellow trainee Lotta has been a fantastic co-worker. I am extremely happy to know her not just as a colleague, but also as a friend. In addition, I would like to thank our board members for their help and support.

Now it’s time to enjoy our summer vocation and welcome new trainees in the Autumn 2020! I am positive, that they will do a great job and have an amazing time.

I am sure we will meet again and, in the meantime, if you would like to keep in touch, please connect with me on LinkedIn!