Goodbye from FBCC Spring 2020 Trainee Lotta

I cannot believe it’s almost July already. It’s summer now, even in Helsinki! Today is also my last day at the FBCC and I would like to share some of my thoughts with all of you members and friends of the FBCC.

Six months ago, I travelled to London and didn’t really know what to expect. However, I was extremely excited to work at the FBCC. Although, the past spring had a lot of surprises to all of us and my internship was not exactly how I imagined it to be, I can say that I have learnt and experienced so much during my time at the FBCC.

I set a few goals in the beginning of my internship. I wished to develop my networking skills and to learn more about event management and I think I have accomplished both of those goals. In addition, as I have studied international business, I was interested in to see what Nordic companies have expanded their business to the UK market and how do these companies operate in a foreign market. I think after working at the FBCC, I have really seen how Nordic companies internationalise to the competitive UK market. All in all, after this internship, I have grown as a young professional and I know I will benefit from these skills in my future career.

I got to experience so many great things during my internship. First of all working in the small and vibrant team FBCC gave me so many opportunities. I have created marketing campaigns, done bookkeeping, organised and participated in a variety of events and set up the first ever webinars for the FBCC. Second, I got from the frontline see how companies adapt during a global crisis like COVID-19. Although, the situation was not pleasant for anyone of us, for me it gave a great opportunity to learn about adapting to new and uncertain situations.

I would like to express my warmest thanks to the FBCC members I met, the FBCC board and last but not least to my colleagues Emma and Anna. I would like to thank Emma for being a reliable general manager who both trusts and supports her trainees. In addition, I would like to thank Anna for being my positive and uplifting colleague through out the internship.

In the autumn, I will continue studying management and international business at Aalto University. However, I wish to return to London sooner or later and meet you at FBCC events. I would like to wish a lovely summer and upcoming autumn to all of you. I know we have some exciting times ahead!

If you would like to keep in touch, please connect with me on LinkedIn and feel free to leave a message.