Vision board – workshops
15.11.2020 & 10.01.1021 at 10.00-12.30
Max 5 participants. £45

Get clear on what you really want in life/work

Stay focused on what you want instead of avoiding what you don’t

Stay committed to actions towards positive goals

Learn to enjoy the process; take small daily steps

Clients say:

“ Powerful when you let your subconscious speak and forget your predictable, analytical mind.”
”Finding a flow state and what I need more of.”
“Sharing your thoughts with like-minded women added clarity.”
”Finding focus and determination for the next 6 months.”


Wheel of Life -workshops
22.11.2020 & 17.01.2021 at 10:30-12:30
Max 5 participants. £45

 Find more balance and joy in your life by prioritising what really matters

What is your life made of and is it how you want it to be?

Kick start action towards a more enjoyable life

Clients say:
”From overthinking to action.”
”I am more focused and ready for action.”
“More balanced life is empowering !“
“Inspiring to take time for yourself!”
”Group adding accountability.”


For more information, please contact Anne Anttonen

+44 (0)7887 801601


This event is not organised by the FBCC.

Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce

The FBCC is an independent, non-profit organisation, recognized throughout the Finnish, British and international business communities. The Chamber offers four different membership categories: Patron, Corporate, Professional and Young Professional.