Webinar with Goodwille and Marks & Clerk: What does “Brexit Means Brexit” mean to you?

Check out this recording of our last week’s webinar hosted by our General Manager Jade Juvonen. At the webinar the speakers discussed the impact of the upcoming Brexit withdrawal for businesses and employees, from a legal, organisational, and individual perspective.

This webinar was organised together with FBCC Patron Goodwille, Corporate Member and international intellectual property firm Marks & Clerk, the Danish-UK Association, and the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce.


  • Alexander Goodwille, CEO, Goodwille 
  • Jacqui Brown, HR ManagerGoodwille  
  • Simon PortmanManaging Associate & Solicitor (UK), Marks & Clerk
  • Michael Barrett, Senior Associate & Chartered (UK) and European Trade Mark AttorneySolicitor (UK), Marks & Clerk

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