FBCC Spring 2020 Trainee Anna’s Halfway Greetings

Greetings from Tampere, Finland! I’m Anna, one of the Marketing and Event coordinators for Spring 2020. Time has passed by so quickly and it’s time for my halfway post already.

Due to the situation with Covid-19 I had to return back to Finland and now continue working remotely from home. It was a difficult decision to leave London, since I had grown fond of the city and the international working environment. Despite that, I’m glad to be closer to my loved ones and friends.

My internship kicked off with the Nordic M&A Forum organised by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, that the FBCC and other Nordic Chambers supported. I was glad to get right to it and to meet new people and other trainees during first days of my internship. In addition, as part of the FBCC team, I got to organise great events like the Linkedin – How to Reach the Business Decision Maker Online, Taking Your Communications to the Next Level Workshop and March Nordic Drinks. All the live events gave me a great opportunity to develop myself in all aspects of event organising. I am happy to have had a chance to network and create new connections at these events.

For me, the most interesting event we organised was the Focus on Sustainability: Building Sustainable Solutions- Working Towards a World That Lasts Forever event with Outokumpu at the Finnish Residence. The event focused on sustainability and using sustainable solutions in building process, and how stainless steel can solve many current issues in water distribution, architecture and infrastructure. 

The current global situation has made us change our daily working routines and adapt to the new ways of doing things. We had to evolve quickly in this fast-moving environment. I have learned a lot during this time, especially how to work as a team while practicing social distancing. We are moving forward, innovating our activities and adapting to this new situation. We have already organised fantastic webinars and hopefully soon we can get back to live events too.

I am thankful for all of my experiences at the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce so far and for all the people I got to meet and work with during my short stay in London. I look forward for the rest of my internship, meeting new people virtually and organising more excellent events.

Stay safe and healthy, see you soon at our upcoming events!

Anna | FBCC

FBCC Spring 2020 Trainee Lotta’s Halfway Greetings

Greetings from Finland. Due to the situation with coronavirus, I have traveled back home and continued working remotely from Helsinki. Although leaving London was a hard decision to make, it’s good to be close to my family and friends during these times. However, I look forward to returning to London sooner or later.

The first three months have gone past incredibly fast. The year kicked off with the Economic Update with Nordea. In addition, we organised some interesting workshops, such as the Linkedin – How to Reach the Business Decision Maker Online and the Taking Your Communications to the Next Level Workshops. We also organised the Focus on Sustainability: Building Sustainable Solutions- Working towards a World That Lasts Forever event with Outokumpu that brought together more than 80 people from the industry including key decision makers in infrastructure, architecture and politicsNot to mention the Nordic Drinks at Maggie’s Club and at the Finnish Institute.

As live events are not possible currently, we are in a unique situation. Although these times are hard, in my point of view, they also bring us possibilities to develop ourselves. For instance, at the FBCC, we have already organised our first ever webinars and are constantly planning new kinds of events that we can organise online.

I am very grateful for the events I got to experience and the great people I got to meet before I left London, such as FBCC members, other trainees in London and of course my colleagues Emma and Anna. In addition, I have already developed my professional skills. For instance, I have learnt about social media marketing and event management. I have also developed my networking skills. I look forward to developing my skills even further and meeting new people and building my network online.

I look forward to seeing what the second half of my internship holds for me. Stay safe and healthy!

New Trainee at the FBCC

The FBCC welcomes a new addition to the team for the Spring 2020 period. Please welcome Anna!

Anna joined our team last Wednesday. She is studying languages and translation in Tampere University specializing in judicial interpretation and her working languages are Russian and Finnish. Anna has always enjoyed an international environment and is highly excited for the opportunity to work for the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce in London. Anna has a passion for organising and coordinating events and has administrated and coordinated variety of social events for unique quiz concept in Tampere and Finnish music festivals all around Finland.

Anna wants to learn more about Finnish businesses in UK, marketing and networking. She is excited to meet all the friends and members of the Chamber!


My time at the FBCC has come to an end and I thought I’d like to share some of my thoughts with all of you. I cannot believe how fast these past six months have gone by and it is already time for me to leave. However, I’ve decided to stay in London and continue working on my bachelor’s thesis and the search of my dream job.

My goals in the beginning were to learn more about marketing and event organizing, and to build my own business network. Honestly, I feel like I’ve achieved so much more than that. This traineeship has truly been life changing. I’ve not just acquired a broad experience from various responsibilities, but I’ve also found more direction to my future career.

Working as a part of a small team has probably been one of the greatest benefits, as it has enabled me to learn so much in such a short time frame. For instance, I’ve gained valuable experience from digital marketing, event organizing and bookkeeping and learnt how to use various software. However, what I find the most valuable, has been the opportunity to build my own business network throughout the Finnish-British and Nordic business communities.

I’d like to express my warmest thanks to everyone, members and friends, who have been part of my journey here, it has been an absolute pleasure to work together with you and I hope I’ll continue seeing you in the FBCC events in the future as well.

For 2020, I am more than excited to see where the FBCC will go, and I’m sure the team will continue doing exciting things and delivering high-quality events for the FBCC membership with the new trainees starting after me.

Finally, I’d like to thank my manager Emma and my previous colleague Maria. My experience of moving to London, starting a new job and adapting to the life here would not have been the same without you. I’m so happy that we’ve not only worked closely together, but also become lifelong friends. I hope we’ll stay in touch and celebrate each other’s birthdays in the future too!

If you’d like to keep in touch, please connect with me on LinkedIn and feel free to leave a message.

It is not a goodbye, it is see you soon!

New Trainee at the FBCC

The FBCC welcomes a new addition to the team for the Spring 2020 period. Please welcome Lotta!

Lotta just finished her Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Aalto University School of Business. Before coming to London, she completed her exchange period in Glasgow, Scotland. During her semester in Scotland, Lotta noticed possibilities for Finnish companies to enter to the UK market and thus her goal is to learn more about Finnish companies’ international growth. She is looking forward to developing her networking skills and learning more about event management. Lotta is very excited to attend all the upcoming events and work for the FBCC!


Goodbye from FBCC Autumn 2019 trainee Maria

Sadly, my traineeship at the FBCC is coming to an end and I’ll be heading back to Helsinki to work on my master’s thesis and will continue working within the B2B events field. Before I go, I’d like to reflect a little bit on my experience here at the chamber.

The six months at the chamber passed incredibly fast, yet I learned a lot in that short period. Firstly, I gained practical experience from digital marketing, bookkeeping, event production and many different software during this period. This skill set will prepare me for any role within marketing, events and project management. Secondly and perhaps even more importantly, the traineeship has improved my soft skills. As the trainees represent the chamber in a variety of events, I’ve gotten to develop my confidence in speaking to different kinds of people. Also, working in a small team of three enables you to take ownership of your own projects but also to think like a start-up; each team member does a little bit of everything and if you run into a problem – Google and your colleagues will help! I would recommend this traineeship to anyone who wants to develop their skills extremely fast whilst having a blast.

I’d like to sincerely thank all the members and friends of the FBCC for these months and for making my experience in London so unforgettable. It’s these invaluable contacts that make the chamber so fantastic – in today’s digital world these face-to-face contacts and the meaningful relationships we form are vital. I believe that the chamber can continue bringing significant value to its members especially through this aspect.

Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to our lovely general manager Emma and my fantastic colleague Jade. Emma trusts the trainees’ vision and is always willing to help and give you more responsibility in aspects you want to develop in. My fellow trainee Jade always made me laugh and really uplifted our team with her optimism.

Now it is time to welcome our new trainees for Spring 2020 and I know they will do an excellent job. I’m sure I will be back in London sooner or later – meanwhile, let’s stay connected in LinkedIn!


My traineeship started in August with quite a rush, in the first month we already hosted our first Nordic Drinks and only a couple weeks later my favourite event so far; the annual Crayfish Party.

Nordic Drinks is a monthly networking event, which I think was the best way to start the Autumn season 2019. The two hours went by extremely fast taking photos and mingling with our guests. If I think about myself back in August and compare it to date – I can see a lot of development. Even though I’ve never considered myself shy, I’ve definitely become more confident and developed my networking skills.

Right after Nordic Drinks, in the beginning of September we had our Annual Crayfish Party, interestingly, the very first Crayfish Party for me as well. Organizing this event taught me so much, we had to plan everything from the seating plan and fundraising auction, to designing visual marketing materials and decoration. The day finally arrived, and we were of course a little bit nervous, but all the hard work paid off – the event was a total success.

I can’t believe how the time flies. It feels like we’ve just started, and now we’re already interviewing our successors and preparing for the last few events of this year. I’ve met so many interesting people from various fields of business, organized approximately 10 events with our team and got the opportunity to attend several fascinating events organized by others.

All in all, it has been a great learning experience, I’ve had the chance to utilize my skills in so many different areas; ranging from marketing and accounting to research and recruitment – and this has given me clear direction of what kind of job I’d like to do next.

As I have couple of months left and the festive season lurking behind the corner, I’m super excited to see what else I’ll learn and who else I still have the chance to meet at our next events.

Halfway greetings from FBCC Autumn 2019 Trainee Maria

Festive season is upon us and so is the halfway mark of my internship here at the chamber! When I started my internship, I was looking to build my network and challenge myself with the varying work tasks at the chamber. The internship has  exceeded my expectations –  I’ve learned a lot of new skills and developed as a professional.

Our internship started off with a bang with the Crayfish Party in September. Organising the event was an excellent introduction to the work as a trainee as the Crayfish Party is one of the biggest annual events that the chamber organises. Jade and I got to take ownership for all of the visual materials and event logistics involved in the event. To date, we’ve already organised around 10 events ranging from business seminars such as the Nordic Chambers’ Business Forum to social events such as Nordic Drinks. Taking responsibility of the full event life cycle has been rewarding and I’ve definitely developed a keen interest in event planning!

The internship has also proven to be extremely valuable for networking as I’ve got to meet people from diverse industries. It’s been immensely interesting to meet so many of our members and learn about their stories as well as potential and challenges in moving to the Finnish and UK market. It’s been a pleasure to notice that the Finnish ‘brand’ is attractive here in the UK – especially in terms of the Finnish sisu and innovation in fields like clean tech.

Luckily I still have a few months left here at the chamber and I’m excited to see what there is to come. Hopefully I get to meet more of our network in our upcoming events such as the Annual Christmas Lunch!




FBCC is recruiting Marketing and Events Coordinator Trainees for Spring 2020

Recruiting Marketing and Events Coordinator Trainees (2)

The Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce in London is recruiting two Marketing and Events Coordinator Trainees. The positions are due to start in January or February 2020 and will last circa 5-6 months, until June 2020. If you are looking for a chance to gain valuable experience working in a dynamic environment as part of an energetic team, you may be just the person we are looking for.

For more details on the job description and skills needed please see our job advertisement.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the position, please email us at info@fbcc.co.uk.



New trainees at the FBCC

The FBCC is welcoming two new additions to the team for the Autumn 2019 period. Please welcome Maria and Jade!

Maria is studying a master’s degree at Tampere University, majoring in sustainable business management. Before that, she attained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Stockholm University. London is a completely new city for Maria, so she is excited to explore the dynamic, innovative city that London is!

Maria is interested in megatrends such as sustainable development and digitalization. As the Finnish-British business community is an innovator in these fields, Maria is excited to network with the Chamber’s members and other companies in the community. She is looking forward to the traineeship at FBCC, as its diverse work tasks will help develop her professionally.

Jade is a last year double-degree student of European Business Administration at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. She’s completed the first two years of her studies in Finland and the third-year specialization for international business and management at the University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom. Originally, she chose her study program specifically for its international aspect and the opportunities to study and work abroad.

At Metropolia Jade worked as a tutor for the incoming exchange students which strengthened her resolve to leave Finland for her own year abroad. During her Erasmus year at the University of Wolverhampton, and several trips to London, Jade fell in love with the country and the idea of working in the UK was born.
Jade is looking forward to learning more about marketing and organizing events. She’s also very excited to meet new people at the networking events. For the future she wishes that the internship at FBCC will help her to form a business network and give a great kickstart for her career in international business!

Maria and Jade are looking forward to meeting all of you this Autumn in our upcoming events!

Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce

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