Finnair Ramping Up their Network

FBCC Member Finnair is happy to inform that as travel restrictions are removed in different countries and air travel starts to recover, they have now started to ramp up their operations! The  frequencies and routes will be added back to their network month by month from July onwards as the demand recovers.

The new schedule has now been published for the coming months all the way until end of March 2021 and they will gradually increase the flights from the United Kingdom and Ireland to Helsinki.

In July, August and September, Finnair are also able to resume flights to many of their long-haul destinations so that the short northern route via Helsinki is again open.

Check the exact, up-to-date timetable in the reservation system or on Always remember to check the current restrictions for the destination country when planning or booking flights.

You can read the latest travel updates from Finnair’s website.

FBCC Patron Goodwille is recruiting!

FBCC patron Goodwille is looking for an Office Assistant who thrives on providing great customer service to join our Front of House team in Warwick. Within your role you will be responsible for:

  • Meeting & Greeting visitors
  • Telephone answering
  • Post handling
  • Meeting room bookings
  • Order handling & Sales support
  • Supporting both internal and external clients with administrative tasks
  • Working with onboarding new clients
  • Liaising with suppliers
  • Supporting other departments & building tenants with ad hoc requests

The applicant must be computer literate, have a strong understanding of the Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word & Excel) and experience working within a busy administration/reception role. We work with clients from all over the world, so experience working in an international environment would be a bonus.

Handling incoming calls will be an important part of your job and you should be passionate about providing great customer service, both on & off the phone, as well as being able to work independently to ensure the smooth running of the reception area. In joining us, you will become part of a modern, forward-thinking and inclusive organisation, capable of offering a stimulating environment for you to work in.

Goodwille is a forward-thinking, ambitious company dedicated to providing foreign businesses with the kind of professional services required to establish themselves and flourish in the UK. These include Corporate Legal, Finance, People Management, Payroll & Virtual Office services.

Read more about the position here!

What Happens After Recovering from COVID-19? One Individual’s Data Story

The FBCC member Firstbeat has provided a unique insight into life after COVID-19 for one individual.

This individual, a 47-year-old man from London, contracted coronavirus in March. He was never admitted to hospital but was wiped out for well over a week and endured difficulty breathing, aches and pains, fever, and exhaustion. Thankfully, he made a full recovery and had returned to his normal routine when he took part in a Firstbeat measurement roughly one month on from the illnessThis measurement involves recording physiological reactions over a three-day period using heart rate variability to provide insights into everything from sleep and recovery, to exercise and stress.

The individual’s typical routine included a return to physical activity and working life. A combination that would usually leave him feeling energized. However, the results from his three-day measurement revealed that, although he had recovered from COVID-19, the knock-on effects of the respiratory illness appeared to be impacting his ability to recover effectively from even the most moderate of exercise.

For a man of his age, the typical stress and recovery balance score seen in a Firstbeat measurement report is 53 out of 100.  And the average ‘restorative effect of sleep’ score comes in at 57. This individual’s scores were 9 and 22 out of 100, respectively.

On Day 1 of the Assessment, despite only 13 minutes of vigorous physical activityand racking up almost eight hours of sleep, the individual experienced no daytime recovery and only minimal recovery overnight.

Day 3 was a similar story. Even though the individual noted in their diary some specific periods of ‘relaxation’ their body once again was unable to react affectively to balance the physiological stress brought on by periods of work and moderate exercise.

Although these results are only one person’s experience of life after recovering from COVID-19, it is interesting to note the apparent extended impact the illness had on this individual’s ability to recover. At least suggesting that a patient and slow approach to ramping up a return to normal life – and specifically exercise – if you have suffered from coronavirus may be the best and most sensible approach.

Read full article here.

“Podinar” with Marks & Clerk: Protecting Your Brand during the Lockdown 

Are brands important during the time of COVID-19? How should you protect your brand during these times? Does the lockdown bring any opportunities?

In our first ever “podinar”, Simon Portman and Michael Barret of Marks & Clerk and the general manager of the FBCC, Emma Jalonen, will discuss the current situation and what kind of difficulties and opportunities the lockdown has brought. Simon and Michael, as intellectual property experts, will also tell you how you can protect your brand during these times.


Simon PortmanSimon Portman specialises as a commercial contract lawyer for technology companies. He works for clients in the electronics, bioscience,  defence, software, nanotech and creative industries, advising companies ranging from small start-ups to big multinationals as well as individuals, public bodies and charities. You can read more here.



Michael BarrettMichael Barrett is dual-qualified as a Chartered (UK) and European Trade Mark Attorney and as a solicitor. He advises brand owners on all aspects of trade mark protection and registration, including portfolio management, clearance searching, trade mark prosecution, opposition, cancellation, revocation, licensing, assignment, infringement and the law of unregistered trade marks/passing-off. You can read more here.


About Marks & Clerk:

FBCC member Marks & Clerk has long been recognised as one of the leading intellectual property firms across the globe, with eight offices across the UK and a further nine in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific. 

Finnmark turns a box van into sauna

FBCC member Finnmark Ltd has launched a wood-burning sauna using a box van from Ifor Williams Trailers. The box van sauna was featured in the Northern Echo newspaper. Read the whole article here!

The box van sauna is new, purpose-built mobile sauna, which has a dimmable LED-lit back rest. The sauna will be parked up at idyllic tourist spots including the Lake District and at endurance events, cycle races and triathlons once lockdown restrictions lift.

Jake and Max Newport of Finnmark ltd consulted distributors Alan Tuer Trailers in Carlisle to find the perfect box van model to their project – the BV127. Finnmark ltd used western red cedar wood from Canada during construction, to keep weight to a minimum. Ifor Williams Trailers was chosen as the brands share the same values of quality and durability.

Finnmark Ltd is so pleased with its box van sauna it could lead to a new product range for leisure companies or private hire.

Finnmark Ltd is known in the industry for their uncompromising dedication to quality and authenticity when it comes to the sale of sauna equipment and bespoke installations. The growing company, which was founded in 2016, is based in County Durham’s Enterprise City.

A Patent for the Most Advanced Natural Light Technology on the Market

FBCC member Light Cognitive has received a patent for its LED technology, which allows the luminaire to seamlessly reproduce the colour and spectral changes familiar from nature.

Nature can now be experienced indoors more holistically than ever before. The programmable, natural, light-imitating panel is capable of reproducing an infinite number of colours. The biophilic innovation is available to customers in the UK through various distributors.

Image source: Light Cognitive. Looking at the horizon. Light Cognitive light wall at the spa of Hotel St.George Helsinki

Light Cognitive’s unique lighting technology differs significantly from anything else available internationally and has attracted worldwide interest. The lighting technology developed in dark Finland has enchanted customers even in the sunniest corners of the world.

In the words of CEO Ate Korkalainen: “We have orders for interior design projects from as far away as Barcelona and Kuwait. An international luxury brand in a Kuwaiti shopping centre wanted a light element resembling an authentic skylight and chose our company’s large round light panel, designed to mimic natural light.”

The LED technology and lighting programs developed by Light Cognitive make it possible to bring natural-seeming light into the interior of any building. The light’s seamlessly continuous colour and spectral changes are created by combining several different LEDs behind a diffuser, which is a light-transmitting surface. The different wavelengths combine seamlessly on the surface, creating a beautiful and smooth spectral transition like the light changes normally seen in nature. The innovation was developed by Sami Salomaa, the founder of Light Cognitive, M.Sc., and was patented in Finland this spring.


Light for wellbeing, inspired by nature

The glare-free, soft light surface contributes towards satisfying the lighting requirements features of the WELL Building Standard for the real estate industry. The goal of the WELL standard is to produce facilities that have been demonstrated to promote human health and well-being. The innovation helps us take advantage of different properties of light: the right kind of light at the right time promotes recovery and supports the natural sleep rhythm. The physics-based daylight program automatically implements the day’s light cycle, allowing you to wake up to a refreshing sunrise every morning, even in the darkest months of the year. The lighting technology enables even more authentic virtual nature spaces for the indoor environment.

According to CEO Ate Korkalainen: “Our patented lighting innovation creates also many opportunities to add value and use to properties with virtual window elements. Dark, windowless rooms can be transformed into cozy and bright penthouse-like spaces. For example, L’Oréal Academy was able to utilize their basement space in the heart of Helsinki for educational purposes with the help of our large light panel.”


Not just a luxury

Light is not just a luxury element, although watching the clear sky or horizon created by these biophilic lights is a magnificent experience. Daylight-imitating light design is also suitable for holistic support in a medical context. Light Cognitive’s welfare-promoting technology has been utilized in hospital care facilities.

CEO Korkalainen explains: “A Swiss hospital installed our lights in its underground radiotherapy facilities. Upon arrival for treatment, there is a soothing dusk-like light. After the treatment, the light landscape gradually becomes more refreshing.”

Thanks to the three-dimensional light surface, the space feels larger than it actually is. The light panel creates a sense of openness in even the most enclosed space.

According to Korkalainen: “As the nature and well-being trend intensifies, we have noticed that there is a demand for lighting that mimics nature in a holistic way. We are the leader in innovation, and the first company to receive a patent for the productisation of a dynamic digital sky, which allows us to bring an authentic natural light experience to any interior.”

Light Cognitive’s mission is to bring beautiful light and clear skies to everyone’s reach. Inspired by nature, our lighting products reproduce natural light and dynamic skies, from dawn to dusk. We want to bring natural light indoors, where we spend most of our days.

Light Cognitive is dedicated to wellbeing and biophilia.  The innovation was born from the realization that light plays a fundamental role in our health. The right kind of light, timed correctly, promotes recovery and a healthy sleep-wake cycle. 

Light Cognitive lighting can be experienced in London by visiting various resellers (see or by going to The Wellbeing Experience at the Building Centre.

Derived from Nature

Light Cognitive’s patented technology combines LEDs in a way that the light spectra are very similar to the spectra found in nature. LC light panels, artificial windows and skylights are optimized for visual beauty with infinite colors and resolution.

The team FBCC congratulates Light Cognitive on the patent for its LED technology!

Ekte is open for Takeaway and Delivery

FBCC member Ekte. is open for Takeaway and Delivery!


Opening times 11.30am till 6pm Monday to Friday.

We’re pleased to announce that our member Ekte. is back in the kitchen.
Feeding the Sourdough, Baking and cooking.

You can order directly by calling them: 07846306514 or email for takeaway or Ekte delivery within a 200m radius of Ekte at Bloomberg Arcade.

Or you can order online for delivery from one of their partners Deliveroo or Uber Eats (coming soon).

Ekte is looking forward to serving you!

To find delivery and takeaway menu, click below:

Ekte takeaway

Marks & Clerk released a podcast: Covid-19: How to manage your intellectual property rights

Tune in to our member Marks & Clerk‘s podcast Covid-19: How to manage your intellectual property rights.

Coronavirus poses an unprecedented challenge to governments and businesses around the world. How can businesses meet these challenges, continue to protect their intellectual property and contribute to efforts to beat the virus?

In this podcast Philip Cupitt, Esther Gottschalk, Simon Portman and Sheila Wallace discuss these and other issues.

Key questions covered on the podcast include:

  • What concerns are being raised by businesses across a variety of sectors?
  • What should you consider while managing your IP portfolio in a crisis?
  • What tactics can be used in the current climate while maintaining the long term value of your IP?
  • What IP strategies were successful during the financial crisis of 2008/9 and how can they be applied now?
  • What are the challenges faced by companies switching to different product lines – contractual, legal and technical?

Find out more and listen to the podcast here.

Member to Member Offer: How to Navigate through Corona to New Reality?

 FBCC is happy to bring you an exclusive member to member offer from Coach Chi!

Coach Chi is an agile boutique coaching practise specialising in career transformation and business performance. Their coaching approach is tailored to each client, always impartial and confidential. Clients include businesswomen who are looking for a new direction in their career path or better work-life balance. Coach Chi also facilitates business organisations to improve their performance through employee engagement using tools like DISC – personality profiling.

Coaching is a process that takes clients to a better place from where they were in the beginning of coaching. Clients gain better understanding of themselves, their values and drivers and hence are able to set more effective goals. Journey to the final destination may take various routes but leads always to renewed sense of self – awareness and confidence which in turn leads to improved decision making, feeling more empowered and in control.

Anne Anttonen at Coach Chi is a solution-oriented career and business coach with 25 years of international business experience and an internationally recognised coaching diploma (the Coaching Academy). Her practical knowledge of working with and developing people in in different cultures and in different languages combined with both corporate and entrepreneurial experience provides her with powerful platform for coaching. Her passion is to help others to succeed by rediscovering their drive and focusing on things that matters with a renewed clarity.

Learn more about Coach Chi’s on their website.





Finnair Cargo is the freighter arm of Finnair, the Finnish flagship carrier. It normally operates belly cargo only but during the corona time it has started cargo only operations as well. The FBCC member Finnair is famous for its reliable and fast connections between Europe and Asia.

During COVID-19 Finnair has been operating from Asia several flights to ensure critical deliveries needed because of COVID 19, such as protective gear, COVID-19 blood samples and medical equipment across Europe. Finnair Cargo is well equipped to scale upwards and to provide  similar services to both public and private partners across Europe. Finnair is an expert in handling medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, and was the first airline to receive the IATA CEIV pharma certificate in 2015.

  • Finnair has the fastest cargo connection from Asia to most of Europe – the company can serve most of European capitals in less than 12 hours from Asian airports. Allowing its services to become highly cost efficient. For example, we can deliver 4+ million protective masks with just one A350 aircraft.
  • Finnair has an extensive network in Asia, e.g. Finnair is able to provide daily cargo services to and from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong and several other Asian cities.
  • Through the highly sophisticated Finnair Cargo COOL terminal, combining latest automatization technology, supported by cutting edge IT infrastructure and a modern fleet Finnair Cargo is well equipped to provide high-quality on-time performance in a safe and secure manner. Our references include Finnish National Security of Supply, Estonian National Security of Supply, Red Cross, several European health care companies both public and private.

Finnair is committed to assist different organizations in their efforts to fight against COVID-19 by flying critical cargo to and from Asia to meet its customers’ demands.

Read more here!

Finnair Cargo contacts:

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