Arctic Blue Legacy NFT

In middle of September 2022 there was the launch of our new ultra-premium Arctic Blue Legacy Gin

A product combining the Finnish design legend Timo Sarpaneva’s design with the internationally awarded professionalism of our master distiller Asko Ryynänen. The product was awarded with the highest recognition at the International Wine and Spirit Competition with a gold-medal and 95 points in 2021. It was also awarded for Double Gold in San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022.

The product is a unique piece of art, both visually and in terms of taste.

The launch of Arctic Blue Legacy was special. The limited-edition Legacy will be sold as an NFT in its presale period. A non-fungible token is a record on a blockchain associated with a unique, non-replicable digital or physical asset. Main functionalities of NFTs are proof of digital ownership and holder benefits. The product is stored in Arctic Blue Beverages professional care, until the holder of the NFT decides to exercise their purchase right or transfer the ownership over the Ethereum blockchain. Arctic Blue Legacy is a luxury product, and proof of digital ownership enables a seamless global secondary market facilitating trading or gifting of the NFT.

The early access registration list (for purchasing the Legacy NFT digital ownership and in that way the physical bottle) is now open and will close once full. You can access the list here