Webinar: Economic Update 2021 with Nordea


At FBCC, we would like to thank everyone who participated in our webinar Economic Update 2021 with FBCC Patron Nordea yesterday evening. Especial thanks goes to our speaker, Kristian Nummelin, for his informative presentation.

In addition, we would like to thank the Danish-UK Associationthe Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce, and the British-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce for co-organising the webinar with us. 

In case you missed the webinar, please watch the recording above. To find the recordings to all our past webinars click here!


This interview is part of the FBCC Member Series where we introduce our member companies to the network. This year’s first interview is with Anne Salomaa, the Head of Marketing at FBCC’s Corporate Member Light Cognitive.

Light Cognitive’s award-winning lighting design bring the benefits of natural light to a windowless retail space in Barcelona.

Light Cognitive is a Finnish company focusing on lighting design that celebrates natural light. The company’s mission is to bring beautiful light and clear skies within everyone’s reach by using a lighting technology that recreates natural light in indoor spaces. The aim is to receive the benefits from natural light around the year, which can otherwise be difficult during the darker months. The name, Light Cognitive, was born during a stroll in Cambridge with a practical meaning behind it: lighting has a significant impact on our cognitive abilities.  

Light Cognitive was established in 2014 when the founder moved to Finland after having spent several years in the U.S. and noticed how the darkness had a vast impact on both his mood and alertness. From here, the idea of creating light indoors, which would enable us to experience the benefits of natural light during the darkest times of the year, was born.  

Although the current situation has created its challenges, Light Cognitive has been able to grow and gain global interest and recognition during the past year. The company has participated in international design competitions and recently won the prestigious Dezeen Award for 2020 in the category of Lighting Design. The competition attracted participants from over 80 countries with thousands of projects. Moreover, the company has been able to shift product demonstrations online and has participated in different virtual events to remarkable success. Right now, the team is looking forward to the future with an open mind.

Salomaa describes the company’s culture as innovative and encouraging, with opportunities to learn new skills and take on different roles. Most importantly, as the environment is very dynamic and fast-paced, Salomaa mentions how important it is to trust in oneself. She finds it inspiring to see the effort and work put into the company along the journey.  

“Light is important for our wellbeing,” says Light Cognitive marketing director Anne Salomaa

Salomaa is currently the only team member living in the U.K., which is also why she sees being part of the FBCC community as a great means to network and make new connections, and she appreciates the support of FBCC and both the local and Finnish companies that are a part of the network.

We asked Salomaa for her best tips for working at home, to which she mentions how important it is to try and get some natural light during the day by going on a walk, even if just for fifteen minutes. If that is not possible, she recommends getting at least some light by opening the door while you enjoy your daily dose of caffeine.

New Trainee at the FBCC

The FBCC welcomes a new addition to the team for Spring 2021. Please welcome Jonna!

Jonna is studying her first year of master’s at Aalto University School of Business in the Management and International Business program. Jonna graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Financial Management in the spring of 2020.

Jonna focuses her studies on International Business and Marketing and has always been keen on working in an international environment. She has experience in event coordination and is especially curious to learn more about online event management as well as digital marketing. She is thrilled to get the opportunity to gain experience of these skills as an intern at the FBCC. While the current circumstances have led to Jonna beginning her internship remotely from Helsinki, she is looking forward to e-meeting the members of the Chamber this year!

Goodbye from FBCC autumn 2020 trainee Alina!

As 2020 is in the past and we have started a new year, it is time for me to say goodbye to the FBCC, and head towards new challenges. The past six months have taught me a lot about a changing work environment and I, like the whole Chamber, have learned to adapt to new situations.

I am grateful for the time I had in London and at the office. Even though I had to return to Finland for a few months due to covid-19, I am extremely happy that I am able to finish my internship in London.

When I started working as a Marketing & Events Coordinator trainee in August 2020, my main goal was to expand my professional network and learn more about the Finnish companies operating in the UK. I also wanted to learn more about different digital marketing tools. I am happy to say that all of these goals became reality and for that, I can only thank our amazing team and all of our members! Even though I have not been able to meet many of you face to face, I am so happy for the discussions we have had online, whether it has been meetings online, LinkedIn messages, or emails.

I wish to meet you in the future, but in the meanwhile let’s connect on LinkedIn. All the best for the spring!

FBCC January newsletter 2021


Firstly, we’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year!

The FBCC is now officially back from the holidays with the first newsletter of the year! We hope you all had wonderful holidays, and are now energised and ready for spring 2021.

To read the first newsletter of the year click here


Say hello to the Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland

This year is an important milestone in our Corporate Member’s, the Finnish Institute’s, history.

“We have now worked in the UK and Ireland for 30 years. To honour our birthday, we have chosen not to reminisce about old achievements, but instead we look ahead with a new strategy, new visual identity and most importantly, a new name, which highlights our operating areas more equally: Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland.”

Read more about the new name, look, and strategy here.

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