We warmly welcome our new Corporate Member Light Cognitive

Light Cognitive designs premium architectural lighting solutions with rigorous attention to detail. Big Sky lighting brings a dynamic natural sky light view, in all its hues, from dawn to dusk. Big Sky lighting products are dedicated to well-being and performance. Big Sky has found a home in many environments, from private residences to education spaces, hospitals, work spaces, hotels, spas and restaurants.  Big Sky is also ideal for windowless spaces such as meeting rooms or basements.

Our virtual window elements transform a room with natural light and an added sense of space. In addition to our Big Sky wall and ceiling products we design custom installations.

Derived from Nature

Big Sky light recreates natural light in indoor spaces and improves the indoor experience.  Our lighting combines energy-efficient LEDs in a way that the light spectra are very similar to the spectra found in nature. Big Sky is optimised for visual beauty with infinite colours and resolution and no glare.

Supporting well being

Light has a strong link to wellbeing, as it regulates our circadian cycle. The right kind of light, timed correctly, promotes performance and a healthy sleep-wake cycle. Big Sky contributes towards satisfying the lighting features of the WELL Building Standard.

Learn more at www.lightcognitive.com and book a visit to our London showrooms.