The Roots in Finland Kyrö Garden wins silver-gilt medal at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

The Roots in Finland Kyrö Garden by Taina Suonio won the silver-gilt medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019. Taina Suonio is an accomplished Finnish landscape designer, horticulturist, environmental biologist, and researcher. The garden was made in partnership with several Finnish companies and supported by the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce. The main sponsor of the garden is FBCC Member Kyrö Distillery Company. They see the garden as exporting their raw materials and Finnishness in a homely manner. “Taina has done excellent work and actually, out of the raw materials presented in the garden, we could distil a gin”, says the MD Miika Lipiäinen of Kyrö Distillery Company. The garden indeed does include many of the Finnish forest flowers and herbs included in the Kyrö’s award-winning Napue Gin.

“The Roots in Finland Kyrö Garden could be described as “Finnish summer in a garden”. The clear Nordic lines of the design, including the 100-year-old weather-beaten barn wall and the imposing granite, will stand out from the vegetation, providing for an overall atmosphere of timelessness, permanence and perpetuity, which are central attributes of the Finnish nature in all seasons. The cascading water feature reminds the visitors to the garden about the relationship the Finns have with their roots in the country and the much-cherished respite by their countless lakeside, riverside and seaside cottages.” (The Roots in Finland Kyrö Garden Guide)

“Junipers are given in this Finnish garden, but the remarkable red birches, making the first ever appearance in the Chelsea Flower Show, are rare even in Finland. Lily of the Valley, being the national Flower of Finland has its natural space to grow under the trees. Finns too, love their art and the skilfully crafted silver insects by the artist Ru Runeberg, which decorate the garden in places, are a natural element of it and will not go unnoticed. The harmony of the colours in the design is reflected throughout The Roots in Finland Kyrö Garden.” (The Roots in Finland Kyrö Garden Guide)

More pictures on the FBCC Facebook page.

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