Our Tips for Effective Remote Working

Today we started the second week of remote working. The first week was a learning curve for us as the same way it was for many companies not used to remote working.  Every team is different but here’s a few tips the team FBCC have found effective:

Get in to a Working Mode: 

You will feel more productive when you are properly dressed and in your own work space. In order to get into a working mode, get dressed in the morning (don’t stay in your pyjamas all day) and make sure to dedicate your own work space at home. Don’t stay in bed or work in your bedroom if you have a choice – it’s better to dedicate your bedroom for relaxing and having a dedicated work space somewhere else. (We do realise that in London not everyone has the luxury of space, and if you do have to work from your bedroom try to ensure you separate your work time and your free time properly.)

Communicate Effectively: 

As we don’t see each other daily anymore, it’s important to develop effective communication channels. For instance, we use virtual chat platforms to reach each other quickly several times a day. In addition, we will usually schedule a team video call in the beginning and end of the day to catch up and coordinate our work tasks. It is also very important for us to make sure we are keeping up our team spirit even though we cannot be in the office together, so we tend to have virtual lunches and coffee breaks together.

Take Breaks and Stay Active:

During these times it’s extremely important to take care of your well-being. As we are working from home, it’s easy to just sit for hours and hours and forget to move. It’s important for both your physical and mental well-being to take breaks and stay active during your work days. Take a short coffee or tea break in the afternoon – this will help you to focus on your tasks. In addition, it is a perfect time to have a quick call with a friend! Go out for a walk in nature  – this will also help with your focus and creativity when you get a short break and some fresh air.

For more information, FBCC member Firstbeat wrote a blogpost on the importance of well-being during these times. You can read the post here!

Be Creative:

Although these times cause several difficulties for work and business life, it gives us a possibility to be creative and develop ourselves. During these times we can develop our organisations’ operations and come up with new ways of value creation. For example, as live events are not possible, the team FBCC is currently developing new ways to create value for the FBCC members. If you, as our member, are willing to help us, please answer our survey on how we can serve you during these unique times.

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Stay safe and healthy!