Goodwille announced as a strategic partner of the Nordic Startup Awards

The FBCC congratulates our Patron member Goodwille for announcing its partnership with the Nordic Startup Awards. Goodwille, focusing on helping Nordic businesses entering the UK market, will be a strategic UK based Nordic Partner for the NSAwards. Many Nordic companies that Goodwille has worked with have been nominated for the NSAwards on the regional and national level.

The Nordic Startup Awards has mapped, connected, promoted and celebrated the Nordic startup ecosystem, across all five countries, internally in the region as well as wordwide.

Kim Balle, Co-Founder & CEO of the Nordic Startup Awards comments “It’s exciting to have Goodwille onboard as a Nordic Partner. Goodwille have an unrivalled track record of helping Nordic businesses with their expansion to the UK, and their experience will prove invaluable to our entrants and finalists”.

“We’ve been working closely with the Nordic startup scene for over two decades. This partnership with the Nordic Startup Awards cements our position as the market leader in helping businesses from the Nordic region with their expansion to the UK”, says James Service, Marketing Manager of Goodwille.

Over 2,500 companies were nominated for the Nordic Startup Awards in 2018, and the regional finalists have received tens of thousands of nominations from across the Nordic countries. The Grand Finale of the Nordic Startup Awards in 2018 will be held on October 30th in Copenhagen, where the winners of the thirteen awards including Founder of the Year, Best Accelerator or Incubator & Startup of the Year will be announced.

Read more from the official press release published on October 3rd.