Lumon is a family-owned, international group focused on design, sales, production, and installation of frameless balcony façade and terrace products. “We want to help our customers with their living comfort, improve and extend the usage of their outdoor spaces. We create better homes with over 40 years of experience.” Their headquarters are located in Finland, with subsidiaries and partners in more than 20 countries.

Lumon products are suitable for apartment buildings, town houses, row houses and cottages, for both new and refurbished buildings. Lumon balcony glazing, railings and roofs, together with the blinds, form a modern and impressive balcony façade, pioneering European architecture. Aluminium and glass are durable but light materials, which can be used to create graceful and stylish complexes. This allows for impressive and modern balcony facades, which conform to demands of construction of the future.

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