FBCC Member Series: Finnmark

Jake Newport & Max Newport

This interview is part of the FBCC Member Series, where we introduce our member companies to the Network. This time we interviewed Jake Newport, the Managing Director at our Corporate Member Company Finnmark Ltd.

Finnmark specialises in authentic Finnish sauna installations and sticks rigidly to Finnish building regulations when it comes to their construction. Unfortunately, there are no UK building regulations regarding their construction and it means many British people have only experienced poor appropriations of the real deal. “Authenticity is perhaps the most important thing for us, and we see it as our mission to help educate people about all of the ways proper Finnish saunas can help improve their lives. We hope to enable as many people as possible to enjoy an experience that has given us so much pleasure”, says Jake Newport.

The name “Finnmark” is a bit of a play on words and a double entendre. “We only deal with Finnish key flag products, so the ‘mark’ is intended to signify a quality mark, authenticity, and a brand standard. The actual geographical area of Finnmark in the region is a cold place to live which helps to accentuate the warmth of their saunas.”

At Finnmark, everyone is open-minded and pulling in the same direction. “We have a flat company structure so everyone feels valued, respected, and can openly contribute to the development of the business.”

“Right now, we are building our marketing and communications team with some key appointments including a videographer who will help us build our brand further. We have more installs coming up for well-known TV personalities and celebrities which always gives us a lift here in the office! We recently moved into a larger warehouse HQ to meet demand and are already close to outgrowing it and have plans to expand next year so it’s exciting times for the business.”

When it comes to the current pandemic, Finnmark has managed to weather the storm and in fact, they have been able to pivot a little and service more of the DIY market. “It seems a number of people are taking on rather large projects at the moment and we have been on hand with materials, advice, and guidance to make sure they carry out the work properly. Also, our luxury bespoke installation pipeline is very full. With health spas closing and not offering sauna options until very recently we have found that many of our clients are keen to create their own wellness areas at home. We have had to adjust to some of our staff working remotely but it has not been a major headache.”

Mr Newport’s number one tip for working from home is trying to maintain regular hours, setting the working schedule, and sticking to it. “It is important”, he says.

Being part of the FBCC community has delivered value for Finnmark. “It is a great way for people to find out about our company ethos and there are regular business events. It also gives us access to the Nordic community here in the UK and we have made some very valued connections since joining.”