Enfuce launches carbon footprint monitoring tool

FBCC member and Finland’s biggest fintech startup Enfuce has launched a new service to help consumers tackle climate change.

My Carbon Action is a purchase-based tool that calculates individuals’ CO2e emissions based on what they buy and where they choose to shop. Enfuce has teamed up with D-matAmazon Web Services (AWS) and Mastercard to bring personalised carbon footprint monitoring to banks, merchants and retailers worldwide.

My Carbon Action uses a validated calculation method to track the CO2e emissions of every purchase, providing consumers with visible insights on the environmental effects of their daily consumption. The service is also a fully-automated digital tool for businesses, as it is offered as a turn-key solution that merchants or financial service providers like banks can integrate into their existing platforms, such as mobile banking applications.

My Carbon Action will be available for consumers through leading banks and financial service providers next spring. Read more about the exciting service on Enfuce’s website.