Our Corporate Member Saari Ltd has launched its new website

Our corporate member Saari Ltd., a London-based digital strategy, marketing, brand and business development consultancy, has recently launched its new website. Gongratulations Saari!

Delivering increased market awareness and growth for their clients through marketing, social media, advertising, digital transformation, strategic consultation, Saari Ltd. aims to help its clients innovate, develop and grow their businesses by achieving a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Visit their new website https://www.saari.co.uk/ to read more!


Our vision is to enrich customers way of life

Uponor UK are a leading provider of plumbing, underfloor heating, local heat distribution and infrastructure products. We work with developers, installers, architects and consultants to deliver adaptable solutions which can fit within projects ranging from single family homes to commercial offices or hotels.

Uponor UK are part of the Uponor group, which has over 4,000 employees based in 3,900 countries. The current headquarters is in Vantaa, Finland.

This year the organisation celebrates its 100 year anniversary, which is testament to the fact that key partners trust and build upon Uponor.

To find out more, visit: https://www.uponor.co.uk/


Containerships publishes annual report 2017

FBCC’s Patron member Containerships has published annual report both in English and Finnish. The report includes Groups’s Financial statements (published 12.3.2018) as well as the Corporate Covernance statement (published 30.4.2018). Additionally, the annual report describes Containership’s business, this year paying special attention to company’s LNG strategy.

Click for Containerships Annual Report 2017 in English > Containerships plc’s annual report 2017 including audit report 2017 and Corporate Covernance statement

Click for containerships Annual Report 2017 in Finnish > Containerships Oyj:n vuosikertomus 2017 ja selvitys hallinto- ja ohjausjärjestelmästä

For stock exchange release in English click here

For stock exchange release in Finnish click here


For further information please contact:

Kari-Pekka Laaksonen

Tel. +358505502555, kari-pekka.laaksonen@containerships.fi



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