Halfway Greetings from FBCC Trainee Heli

I am Heli Haapanen and I have been working with the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce for three months now and I will be here until end of June. I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. It’s been a busy spring in a very positive way.

On a day-to-day basis, my role as Marketing and Events Coordinator includes different activities in a dynamic environment in vibrant, lovely London. We have held many events on different topics, like the Digital Marketing workshop, the Investing & Fintech event last week and the monthly Nordic Drinks. Organising and participating in FBCC events has been full of creativity, socialising, multi-tasking and a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and improve transferable skills. What a great experience it has been so far to meet different people from various sectors around the world!

At the beginning of my traineeship, I wanted to develop my business skills, enhance my knowledge of international business and Finnish companies in Britain. One of my key objectives was and still is to learn more about marketing so I can apply my knowledge in the final year of my master’s degree in European and Nordic studies and future career.

It’s been so great to be part of the Chamber and to learn more about the business culture in the UK and the Finnish companies here. Finland has a positive image in the UK and Finnish companies have been successful here, which has been nice to observe.

The Traineeship has been an amazing opportunity to do so many things in a cosmopolitan city like London. I am grateful to work with a successful team and enthusiastic manager Emma.

I still have a few months left, so I am looking forward to learning more, enjoying the challenges as well as meeting new people and seeing FBCC friends again at our upcoming events!

Halfway greetings from FBCC Spring 2019 Trainee Erika

I am Erika Sipilä, one of the Marketing and Events Coordinator Trainees for Spring 2019 at the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce and this is my halfway greetings blog post to FBCC Members and friends. You can read my introduction post here. 

I have now officially graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration majoring in International Business. At university I learned a great deal about the theory of international trade but interning at the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce has taught me more about the practical side of International Business. The Chamber provides a unique view point into business between Finland and the UK. You get to see small Finnish start-ups entering the UK market, big established corporations who have been in the UK for decades as well as UK businesses interested in Finland or cooperation with Finnish companies.

I count this Traineeship as an invaluable addition to my International Business knowledge and skillset. Having the opportunity to work closely with an organisation that facilitates the operative functions of internationalisation has helped me apply the theoretical knowledge I gained from university into practice.

Interning at the FBCC is a good opportunity to challenge yourself. You get lots of responsibility and freedom to be creative but still have the support of our General Manager, Emma. This Traineeship has already helped me grow as a professional and provided me with tangible skills for the future. Now my Traineeship is at its middle point and if I have learned this much halfway through, I cannot wait for what’s to come.

I look forward to catching up with members and friends of the FBCC and meeting new faces at our upcoming events!

FBCC is recruiting Marketing and Events Coordinator Trainees for Fall 2019

Recruiting Marketing and Events Coordinator Trainees (2)

The Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce in London is recruiting two Marketing and Events Coordinator Trainees. The positions are due to start in early August 2019 and will last circa 5-6 months. If you are looking for a chance to gain valuable experience working in a dynamic environment as part of an energetic team, you may be just the person we are looking for.

For more details on the job description and skills needed please see our job advertisement.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the position, please email us at info@fbcc.co.uk.



New Trainee at the FBCC

The FBCC welcomes a new addition to the team for the Spring 2019 period. Please welcome Heli!

Heli is an international master student from the University of Helsinki. She studies European and Nordic Studies and has a bachelors degree in International Relations with Business specialisation. Heli enjoys an international environment and she has completed her studies in Spain, London and New York. In London she completed a part of her studies in the London School of Economics and Political Science and has also worked in London previously.

She is looking forward to learning more about marketing, Finnish businesses in the UK and networking skills.  She is looking forward to meeting new people and all the members and friends of the Chamber. Heli is very excited to be back to London and work for the FBCC!


Goodbye from Elina

Spring means new beginnings and for me it’s time for me to say goodbye to the FBCC and head towards new challenges. I have truly enjoyed my six months here at the Chamber. During the busy autumn season I have gained valuable experience while working as a part of our small but efficient team. And of course living in a city as inspiring as London.

At the beginning of my traineeship one of my main goals was to get to know more in-depth about the business culture here in the UK and I truly feel that I have learned a lot. It has also been encouraging to see how valued Finnish expertise and brands here are. Having been able to attend and host so many interesting events covering actual topics such as BIM and Smart Cities has been an enriching experience. Not to forget gaining broad perspectives on Brexit, which without doubt is affecting people and businesses in multiple levels. At the moment the only safe thing to say is that this year will bring many challenges but surely also opportunities.

Most valued part of my time here has certainly been meeting so many of our members and partners in and hearing your stories and ideas. I will cherish this experience of working together with such amazing and skilled people.

I want to warmly thank everyone whom I have met during my time at the Chamber and hope to see you again soon!

Best regards,


New Trainee at the FBCC

The FBCC welcomes a new addition to the team for the Spring 2019 period. Please welcome Erika!

Erika just finished her Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from the University of Turku before flying off to London in January.  She wrote her Thesis on the internationalisation of Finnish design to China and spent last Spring as an exchange student in Hong Kong. Erika has always enjoyed an international environment and is very excited to attend all the events and meet our members. Her goal is to learn more about Finnish businesses networking in the UK and develop as a young professional. Interning here at FBCC will help Erika form a business network as well as tangible skills needed for her career in International Business.

See you all at the many upcoming events we are having this Spring!

Final greetings from Mirjam

Christmas is approaching, which is a sign of changes in the FBCC team – it’s my time to leave London behind and take on new challenges! Before I leave, I would like to look back and share some of my experiences while working in the FBCC.

I can’t believe it has just been four and a half months since I started working at the FBCC! This Fall has been full of insightful events, inspiring people and new things to learn. Despite the busy season, I’ve gained so many new experiences and learned about life in London.

One of the most interesting factors of the season has been the infamous and complex Brexit process, which continues to spark emotions in most people I have met. It has been surprising and inspiring to see the optimism many companies and business people have in the future. For example, it was interesting to attend an event exploring opportunities in the Commonwealth after Brexit, organised by the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe. Another exciting event I will remember was a seminar discussing Artificial Intelligence the at the Residence of the Ambassador of Finland. Listening to the insights of high-level experts such as Risto Siilasmaa and Pekka Ala-Pietilä was definitely a unique experience I value.

I couldn’t be more thankful for all the opportunities this placement has offered me and I’m sure I’ve learned more than I even realize. Most importantly, having the possibility to meet and work together with various people from a variety of backgrounds has helped me to deepen my understanding of the international business environment in London.

I’d like to thank all the wonderful people I’ve had the chance to meet, not to forget the FBCC team for always providing me support and giving me the opportunity to develop my skills as a young professional. It’s absolutely an experience I will cherish.

For now I’m going back home to finish my Bachelor’s studies and take on new exciting challenges in the future. Hopefully I will see you again soon in London!

FBCC is recruiting Marketing and Events Coordinator Trainees for Spring 2019

The Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce in London is recruiting two new Marketing and Events Coordinator Trainees. Positions are due to start in January 2019. Each term is an internship of circa 5-6 months.

For more details on the job description, skills needed and how to contact us, please see our job advertisement.


The FBCC welcomes two new additions to the team for the Autumn 2018 period. Please welcome Mirjam and Elina!

Mirjam is finishing her Bachelor Studies in International Relations at Tallinn University of Technology. She can’t wait to meet the Chamber’s members and introduce herself to the Finnish-British business environment.

Elina is a Master’s student of International Relations at the University of Turku. She’s excited to meet our members and learn more about marketing in the innovative atmosphere of London.

Autumn is the time for new beginnings and challenges and the FBCC is ready to kick off the season with a fresh team in the new office. The whole team is looking forward to meet you at Nordic Drinks on the 30th of August!

FBCC is recruiting Marketing and Events Coordinator Trainees for fall 2018

The Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce in London is recruiting two new Marketing and Events Coordinator Trainees. Positions are due to start in August 2018. Each term is an internship of circa 5-6 months.

For more details on the job description, skills needed and how to contact us, please see our job advertisement.

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