XR – Is there a space in this world for Patents?

In the field of Extended Reality, is there space for Patents?  Andrew Hartley and Christian Balcer of FBCC member Marks & Clerk answer this question in their latest article featured on VR AR Pioneers:

Patents are registered IP rights, which provide legal protection for inventions. Whether you use them for the active protection or promotion of your technology, to raise funding, or to plan your exit strategy, patents represent a commercial tool which compliment your business’ goals and targets.

There are thousands of different patent applications out there for XR technology, covering the ever-popular fields of medical devices, data processing and e-commerce, through to education and beyond. This makes specialist XR patent attorneys, those who are well versed in the intricacies of both the opportunities and pitfalls associated with the ever-evolving landscape of this sector, key.

As a pioneer in this field, if you have some concepts that you believe are key to your commercial success, discuss with a patent attorney before you live to regret it. The quicker you do this, the more likely it is that you will be able to secure the rights to your innovations and beat the competition to it.

Read more of the initiative from VR AR Pioneers.

FBCC Member Finnmark Ltd expands with new hires and is moving to larger premises this year

(Jake Newport and Max Newport)

FBCC Member Finnmark Ltd are known in the industry for their uncompromising dedication to quality and authenticity when it comes to the sale of sauna equipment and bespoke installations. The growing company, which was founded in 2016, is based in County Durham’s Enterprise City.

Their aim is to educate people on how to use sauna properly, show people how to get the most from the experience and actively publicise the wide range of health benefits associated with frequent sauna use. In fact, they’ve just gone live with a new section in their stories called Sauna Health Benefits. You can read more by clicking here

Jake Newport (left in the photo) is the Managing Director of Finnmark Sauna. He recalls the early days and how a gap in the market made up his mind to set up the company. He said, “I was first inspired by Finnish sauna after working out in Finland as a sales agent for high-quality sauna brands such as Narvi. I then fell in love with the real experience but whilst trying to sell equipment into the UK trade market it became clear that my contacts weren’t overly interested in the highest of quality and durable equipment available. Quickly realising I couldn’t sell into trade, and with very little money to my name, I built a web shop and started retailing the equipment to the public.

When I was selling to trade I didn’t meet one company in the UK who’d been to Finland, were interested in finding out about the full experience, or built anything near to how they are built over there. Unfortunately, it means a lot of people’s experience of sauna in the UK is when they visit a health club. Many of those cheap, modular designs are not properly ventilated, they don’t have the right insulation or vapour sealing and they have a hidden heater with no stones.”

He added, “The Finns regularly go in for over forty minutes, have a cold plunge or shower and repeat the process over the course of several hours. The experience offers a number of health benefits, gives you a big endorphin high and aids sleep. I was confident there was a gap in the market and within the first month, we made our first big sale of £2000. At that point, I started implementing digital marketing tactics my competitors weren’t doing which secured lots of early sales and funded the initial growth of the business.”

In the early days, Finnmark sauna had a few difficulties with organising design work and, at around the same time, Jake’s brother Max recently graduated as a designer and was working in high-end hi-fi. Max took a look at the design material the company was paying for and mentioned he could do a much better job so he was brought into the business. The quality of his innovative design work proved to be a real springboard. It meant that in the three years of growing Finnmark as a bespoke installation company turnover tripled year on year and they very quickly became a £300,000 turnover business.

Early on, the company was fortunate enough to get good breaks doing some high-quality installations. The quality of the equipment, materials and design was exactly what clients wanted and they’ve now filled an order book until summer 2020. Finnmark has installed for TV personalities, producers, sportspeople and celebrities. Jake enthused, “After impressing such clients and the architects and interior designers working alongside us on the projects, there’s been an upward spiral effect because people really see that we care about the quality and longevity of what we do. Many of them have been to Finland, tried the real deal and that’s what they want  in their homes.”

The company has taken on more employees and is moving to larger premises in the county with that risk being mitigated a little by some help by the County Durham Growth Fund and a government-backed NEL loan.

Jake finished, “We’ve been fortunate enough to employ some really experienced people in their field and we’ve been able to do so by being progressive in the way we work. We offer flexi time, and a masseuse comes in on a Friday. If you want people at the top of their game you need to invest in them and show them the value of their worth. The North East has some of the best tradespeople in the world. There’s good availability of quality and reliable people and the area has a great heritage of manufacturing and workmanship. It’s also a very cost-effective place to have the business and the support from the people of Durham has been great. I try to give back at youth business events at the university and local schools where I see lots of potential and enthusiasm for business in the area.”


For more information, check out their website by clicking here!

FBCC Welcomes a new corporate member Marks & Clerk

The Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce is delighted to introduce you to our new corporate member: Marks & Clerk! Marks & Clerk has long been recognised as one of the leading intellectual property firms across the globe, with eight offices across the UK and a further nine in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific.

The firm offers a comprehensive range of intellectual property services – covering patents, trade marks, designs and copyright. This includes obtaining protection worldwide, portfolio management, strategic and commercial advice, contract – drafting and negotiation, enforcement, due diligence and litigation.


In addition, we offer a wider range of services, complimentary to our mainstream services including IP valuations as well as product and design consultancy services. You can also access the extensive international network and intellectual property connections that we work closely with around the world to receive an integrated world-wide service.

FBCC Member Surrey Translation Bureau goes for a rebrand

Surrey-based translation agency and FBCC member Surrey Translation Bureau, have launched a new website and rebranded, reflecting a rethink of their core values and message.

The new website features a much sleeker user interface, which the company hopes will streamline visitors’ experience and increase overall engagement. The rebrand is both striking and simple and echoes STB’s professional growth and the experience that it has garnered over the years. The company has significantly more depth now than it did at its inception in 1984 and the signature shade of purple has been adjusted to reflect this.

“As a business, we want our customers to have a smooth journey, from the quotation stage right through until the project is completed. The new website has been designed with the same objective in mind. I am confident our upgraded website will offer our users a more enhanced experience with clearly defined content, a simple layout and, overall, a professional outlook.” says Marya Jabeen, Marketing Manager at STB.

STB’s new website will be updated regularly with all the latest industry news and resources.

About Surrey Translation Bureau

Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) is a multi-award winning independent language service provider with over 35 years of experience and a diverse range of clients across most verticals, including the manufacturing, legal, medical and scientific sectors. STB provides high-quality, specialised translations into most world languages.

With a skilled and experienced team of native linguists, STB can translate a wide range of source material across most formats, including legal documents, training material, product packaging and user manuals.

STB is independently certified to European standard ISO17100:2015, which sets out the requirements for the provision of quality services by translation service providers. It also holds BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification for customer satisfaction and quality management.

Please do head over to their website to check out their new look.



We warmly welcome our new corporate member, Coach Chi!

Coach Chi is an agile boutique coaching practise specialising in career transformation and business performance. Their coaching approach is tailored to each client, always impartial and confidential. Clients include businesswomen who are looking for a new direction in their career path or better work-life balance.

Coach Chi also facilitates business organisations to improve their performance through employee engagement using tools like DISC – personality profiling.

Coaching is a process that takes clients to a better place from where they were in the beginning of coaching. Clients gain better understanding of themselves, their values and drivers and hence are able to set more effective goals. Journey to the final destination may take various routes but leads always to renewed sense of self – awareness and confidence which in turn leads to improved decision making, feeling more empowered and in control.

Coaching can be done either face to face or via Skype/Zoom. Each session takes 60 min for individual coaching; for organisations ½ – 1 day for DISC -workshop.

Anne Anttonen at Coach Chi is a solution-oriented career and business coach with 25 years of international business experience and an internationally recognised coaching diploma (the Coaching Academy). Her practical knowledge of working with and developing people in in different cultures and in different languages combined with both corporate and entrepreneurial experience provides her with powerful platform for coaching. Her passion is to help others to succeed by rediscovering their drive and focusing on things that matters with a renewed clarity.

Learn more about Coach Chi’s on their website.


Enfuce launches carbon footprint monitoring tool

FBCC member and Finland’s biggest fintech startup Enfuce has launched a new service to help consumers tackle climate change.

My Carbon Action is a purchase-based tool that calculates individuals’ CO2e emissions based on what they buy and where they choose to shop. Enfuce has teamed up with D-matAmazon Web Services (AWS) and Mastercard to bring personalised carbon footprint monitoring to banks, merchants and retailers worldwide.

My Carbon Action uses a validated calculation method to track the CO2e emissions of every purchase, providing consumers with visible insights on the environmental effects of their daily consumption. The service is also a fully-automated digital tool for businesses, as it is offered as a turn-key solution that merchants or financial service providers like banks can integrate into their existing platforms, such as mobile banking applications.

My Carbon Action will be available for consumers through leading banks and financial service providers next spring. Read more about the exciting service on Enfuce’s website.

We warmly welcome our new corporate member, Rochester PR!

Rochester PR Group works exclusively with market entry clients from diverse sectors including tech, food and drink, lifestyle and service brands and companies.

Their clients come from all over the world (recent clients, for example, are from Finland, Czech Republic, USA, Romania, Canada) meaning that they see the UK as it really is; a truly global, competitive marketplace. Rochester PR’s advice, activity and campaigns, delivered only by a senior team, reflect this and are designed to achieve the right results to help businesses succeed, including (but not only!) connecting them with a network or running media and social campaigns to raise profile and open doors.

Rochester PR always starts on a project basis although many clients then commit to additional projects or ongoing programmes – their longest client is still with them 20 years after they first entered the UK proving that Rochester PR continues adding value long-term.

Explore more of what Rochester PR has to offer on their website!

Finnair and Kone voted into top three most attractive employers in Finland

In the last 30 years Universum has become the global leader in employer branding, they conduct research across all seven continents in 60 different markets. Their research results can be utilized for decision-making, for instance when choosing target groups, messages and channels for future employer branding campaigns. In other words, to answer the question of how to attract new recruits.

Every year, Universum conducts their Professional Survey on Finnish Employers. The survey aims to measure how the Finnish professionals perceive the employers. The research was carried out between October 2018 and August 2019 with over 6,000 professionals from 35 different industries, and 104 different positions. Biggest samples were from Business (1,617) and Engineering (1,017)

Every year the survey results indicate the situation of the world economy, thus, affecting the factors that employees value the most. Hence, this year’s results indicate the growing insecurity of the Finnish and the world economy.

Once again, our corporate member Finnair was the chosen the number one Most Attractive Employer by the business professionals in Finland. ranked high by several other industries’ professionals, such as IT (6), humanities (9) and technical professionals.It is no wonder Finnair ranks high year after year, as it is seen as an attractive employer. The variety of jobs they offer is massive; according to Finnair’s Talent Acquisition Manager Tanja Mattila ‘Your background could be in economics, physics, humanities or engineering and you could still land a job at Finnair.’

(Source: Finnair)


Our Patron member KONE, who also has a history of being ranked high in the Professional Survey by Universum year after year, was again voted the number one Most Attractive Employer by engineering professionals and third Most Attractive Employer by the business professionals.

Both companies were ranked high by professionals from several fields, such as engineering, IT and business.

At FBCC we’d like to express our warmest congratulations to our members Finnair and KONE.

To read more about the most attractive employers in different fields in Finland, check our source Universum Professional Survey 2019

We warmly welcome our new corporate member Efficio


Started in 2000, Efficio is a specialist management consultancy, focused on procurement and supply chain improvement programmes. There are currently circa 450 employees globally, with exciting plans to grow rapidly in the next 18 months. Efficio is a truly international organisation with over 30 different languages spoken. The firm places a high value on its employees and offers great training and development opportunities, to help with career progression. Efficio’s consultants return to their home office each Friday from their client engagement to spend time with their colleagues and attend training courses.

Learn more about Efficio on their web page.

We warmly welcome our new corporate member Beyond Business

Beyond Business is an expert network and content platform for individuals and organisations.  Founded by alumni of Columbia Business School, London Business School, The Wharton School, and similar others, their objective is to share access, knowledge and resources with their Members and Affiliate Groups like the FBCC.

Beyond Business serves a broad and diverse community by bringing together high calibre speakers, innovative thinking and unique experiences.  They apply the highest standards to a curated selection of live and digital content, content that is Practical, Educational and Inspirational.

Beyond Business aims to be a trusted source of insights, education and opportunity for its members.

If you want to know more of Beyond Business, click here!


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