We warmly welcome our new Corporate Member KPA Unicon

KPA Unicon has been tackling the world’s toughest energy problems for nearly three decades. From renewable, clean-energy solutions like our biomass, industrial waste and waste gas boiler plants to operational modifications that increase the efficiency of existing energy plants, KPA Unicon is inspiring and facilitating the world’s transition to clean energy.

They provide heat and steam production capacity as a service, which enables you to invest your capital on other business areas instead of energy production facilities. KPA Unicon will be responsible of the design, construction and operation and maintenance of the plant and guarantee the heating capacity you need to be available, while you can concentrate on your core business.

FBCC Member Goodwille is recruiting a Financial Controller

FBCC member Goodwille is recruiting a Financial Controller. This is a great opportunity if you have a passion for numbers and you would like to work with amazing colleagues.

Goodwille is a forward-thinking, ambitious company dedicated to providing foreign businesses with the kind of professional services required to establish themselves and flourish in the UK. These include Corporate Legal, Finance, People Management, Payroll & Virtual Offices.

You can read more about the position and how to apply here.


FBCC Member Insignis Media is recruiting a PR & Social Media Intern

FBCC Member Insignis Media is looking for a PR and Social Media Intern here in London. The Intern would provide support to their Creative Director and media team in the Insignis office based in London Fields.

“The internship will provide the successful candidate with a thorough understanding of media relations and traditional and new media techniques, and how to use those to manage reputation and influence public opinion and behaviour.”

Read more about the position and how to apply here.


Office Blueprint is hiring a Sales Executive

FBCC Member Office Blueprint is hiring a Sales Executive to develop their innovative and exciting Finnish brands, such as Naava, Framery and LoOok Industries. Experience in selling to A&D and major accounts essential. See their LinkedIn post for more information.



FBCC Members Office Blueprint and Light Cognitive start collaboration

FBCC Member Office Blueprint has partnered up with other FBCC Member Light Cognitive. The office design and well being focused Office Blueprint will now carry Light Cognitive’s products. Light Cognitive focuses on creating health benefits from circadian lighting .
In addition, Office Blueprint launched a new Welltek brand covering Wellbeing in the office with other Finnish health tech brands Naava, LooOk Industries and Framery. Read Office Blueprint’s Neal’s LinkedIn post about it for more information.

We warmly welcome our new Corporate Member Ritanen, Kormano & Co.

Ritanen, Kormano & Co is a progressive design studio from Helsinki and it is founded by experienced designers. They are specialized in creative direction, branding, customer experience and UI + UX design. Their purpose is to help their clients to find and define their own path in the increasingly digital future without losing their humanity, values or culture. And to deliver beautiful and engaging results that make their clients’ business thrive. Their clients vary from innovative start-ups to major multinational companies. 

 By making both digital and traditional design as lean and simple as possible, they are able to build clients’ full customer experience as engaging as possible. To reach their goals, they have built a fluid platform (Brand Management System) that enables them to unleash full creative freedom to create new and innovative solutions. It unites creative freedom with slow branding. 

Ritanen, Kormano & Co creates growth by awesome design for their clients. See more from their website.

Light Cognitive promotes well-being and healthy sleep-wake cycles

Light Cognitive, a newer addition to the FBCC Corporate Members, might just be the solution to winter’s dark days. Light Cognitive has developed an indoor lighting system that closely mimics the natural day-night cycle. Instead of trying to recreate sunlight, Light Cognitive aims to bring the natural pattern of daylight indoors. There is plenty of physics and research behind the product as Founder Sami Salomaa explains: “Our product is a vast light field that simulates the light of the sky. It is not a display, there are no pixels, it’s a continuous light field.” The Big Sky product is available as a skylight or large wall installation. Some can even be found here in London!

Picture: http://www.lightcognitive.com/

Read more about Light Cognitive and their Big Sky product from Good News Finland or the Light Cognitive website.

Corporate Member Finnmark Sauna awarded ‘2018 Sauna Business of the Year’

The British Sauna Society in association with Sauna From Finland and the International Sauna Association awarded FBCC Corporate Member Finnmark Sauna with the ‘2018 Sauna Business of the Year’. Mika Meskanen, the Chair of the British Sauna Society, underlined the importance of building saunas correctly: “As popularity rises in the use of saunas, it’s important that we reward companies like Finnmark Sauna who best understand the doctrines of how to build saunas properly, the Finnish way.” Congratulations Finnmark Sauna!

Read more about what Meskanen had to say on saunas and their health benefits Finnmark Sauna’s blog.

We warmly welcome our new Corporate Member Light Cognitive

Light Cognitive designs premium architectural lighting solutions with rigorous attention to detail. Big Sky lighting brings a dynamic natural sky light view, in all its hues, from dawn to dusk. Big Sky lighting products are dedicated to well-being and performance. Big Sky has found a home in many environments, from private residences to education spaces, hospitals, work spaces, hotels, spas and restaurants.  Big Sky is also ideal for windowless spaces such as meeting rooms or basements.

Our virtual window elements transform a room with natural light and an added sense of space. In addition to our Big Sky wall and ceiling products we design custom installations.

Derived from Nature

Big Sky light recreates natural light in indoor spaces and improves the indoor experience.  Our lighting combines energy-efficient LEDs in a way that the light spectra are very similar to the spectra found in nature. Big Sky is optimised for visual beauty with infinite colours and resolution and no glare.

Supporting well being

Light has a strong link to wellbeing, as it regulates our circadian cycle. The right kind of light, timed correctly, promotes performance and a healthy sleep-wake cycle. Big Sky contributes towards satisfying the lighting features of the WELL Building Standard.

Learn more at www.lightcognitive.com and book a visit to our London showrooms.

FBCC Member Kyrö Distillery Company to feature in the Chelsea Flower Show 2019

The Chelsea Flower Show 2019 will for the very first time in its long history feature a Finnish Garden: The Roots in Finland Kyrö Garden!

The creative force behind the Finnish garden in the Space to Grow –class is a Finnish landscape designer Taina Suonio. The main sponsor of the garden is FBCC member, Finnish rye distillery Kyrö Distillery Company. Kyrö sees the garden as exporting their raw materials and Finnishness in a homely manner. “Taina has done excellent work and actually, out of the raw materials presented in the garden, we could distil a gin”, says the MD Miika Lipiäinen. Embassy of Finland in London is obviously excited about the garden, too. “We are extremely pleased that Finnish Garden Design is represented in the most prestigious garden show of the world.”, says Special Advisor on public diplomacy and culture, Pirjo Pellinen from the Embassy.

Team FBCC is very excited for our member company Kyrö. Congratulations to the whole team, we can’t wait for next Spring! Keep following our website for more info closer to the event.

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